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             The First True Hand Held Analyzer!

Weighs less than 1Kg.

Use alphanumeric location names

Patented open chamber - No lids or doors: simply insert entire device and count

Track re-tests

Six channels can be set to individual levels

Data Storage and Statistics Memory.

Store 5000 data points for download to any spreadsheet

Results in RLU or Pass/Fail

No calibration

Sealed tactile keypad

Illuminated High intensity LCD Display

Internal battery or AC operation

Runs PocketSwab and ALL Charm Lite Series tests

Dairy Pasteurisation (ALP) Alkaline Phosphatase tests

In a total assay time of 4 minutes, or 24 Samples in 10 minutes.

It will also do

ATP Sanitation,

Somatic Cells, 

Microbial quality of water,


Add * R.O.S.A (Rapid One Step Assay) portable Reader for additional ANTIBIOTIC  tests.


Beta-Lactams (MRL)





ROSA Technology-Rapid One Step Assay

Superbly accurate, and amazingly simple. Just add your sample, close the lid, and walk away. No hovering. No clocks to watch. No reagents to measure or mix. 


ROSAins.jpg (7076 bytes)

The Dawn of a New Age in Antibiotic Testing!

The Charm SL Test is now approved for beta-lactams in milk. Results are ready in just 8 minutes and may be read visually or with a ROSA Reader.* The SL Test is already in use by regulatory. An entire line of ROSA tests will soon be available including tests for tetracyclines, quinolones, and aflatoxins.

* The Charm SL Test for Beta-lactams using a ROSA Reader has been approved by NCIMS for screening raw tanker milk. Visual interpretation is also possible but is NOT accepted for NCIMS monitoring.

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